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Greetings các em Hiệp Sĩ, 

Welcome and we are hope you are excited to embark on your journey, and continuing your journey, with the Knights of the Eucharist - Ngành Hiệp Sĩ! My name is Tr. Kristy Nguyen and I will serve as part of your planning committee for this upcoming Tĩnh Huấn Hiệp Sĩ GA-TN. Some of you all may already know me, but if you do not, I am looking forward to meeting you all soon!

As camp/sa mạc is coming up very shortly, we kindly ask you to review the following documents/action items by Wednesday, September 13th

  • Packing List: Download here The items and materials each sa mạc sinh will need to bring to and what not to bring. 

  • Team List: Check your email - This is the roster for all the teams of cấp 1, 2, and HSTT. There are no pre-camp assignments; however, they must communicate and decide who will be supplying their tents. For each team, we need at least 1 for each gender. 

  • Tent Inventory: Link here - This form collects the number of tents available and if any team needs tents. We will help provide tents to the teams that need them. 

    • Each team will need to bring two (2) tents - 1 female and 1 male. Each tent should sleep at least 5 people. 

Location: Camp Gideon - 3545 Walden Ln, Acworth, GA 30102

Time: Check in on Sept 15 @ 4 PM ET


This camp is required for you to thang cap

If you have any questions or concerns about TNHS, please reach out to Tr Kristy Nguyen at

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