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Bó Hoa Thiêng



As members of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM), we are called to live the Eucharistic Day each day in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


In this month of October, the Church encourages us all to make a devotion to Mother Mary and pray the Rosary. Mary was chosen as a physical tabernacle for Jesus, and God calls each and every one of us to be holy tabernacles for Jesus in the Eucharist today. We can do so by living holy lives in the way we act, serve, and pray. VEYM invites all to unite together in devotion to Mary and ask for her help to keep us on the path of holiness so that we can be a worthy tabernacle for Jesus in the Eucharist.


In gradual progression, the campaign aims to foster understanding of the importance of living the Eucharistic Day and promote desirable practices leading to a more prayerful lifestyle.


  1. Complete the following tally sheet every week: Spiritual Bouquet Easter 2022 Calendar

  2. Submit your printed tally sheet to your Huynh Truong every Sunday.


If you have any questions about this, please reach out to your Huynh Truong or Nganh Truong!

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